No Border macht Schule

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On Friday the 6th of May a collective of teachers and activists established a school at the Piraeus Port near Athens. Currently 1700 people are sleeping in tents at the port. Along with tens of thousands of others, the people at the port arrived in Greece fleeing war and persecution. They have been stuck in Greece with no information about how long they will be there or what will happen next. Moreover, due to language barriers, many are unable to access necessary information or resources.

The No Border School collective consists of teachers, students and activists from all over the world. The group says “we started the school to open lines of communication and to encourage self-empowerment for the people at the port.” The school offers English and German classes to men and women who come from countries including Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. The No Border School collective sees itself not just as language teachers, but as language activists. In an open invitation the No Border School says: “We invite you to support and join us in using language education to break down the barriers that divide us here in Greece and wherever such initiatives are needed.”

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