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Shaping a democratic food policy – the path to food sovereignity (16.9.2018)

Event by “System Change, not Climate Change”

It is often suggested that by making good choices when buying in supermarkets we can support a good food economy. However, this does not touch the general framework, which encompasses land-grabbing, corporate power and exploitation. The predominant food economy increasingly undermines the human right to nutrition. A real alternative is the movement for food sovereignty, in which consumers and producers cooperate.

In our presentation we debate the consequences of free trade and the common agricultural policy of the European union and point out, how food sovereignty here offers possible solutions. In the last part of the event, we would like to invite the audience to think how they can cooperatively participate in the shaping of a democratic food policy.


◾ David Steinwender, work group food sovereignity Graz
◾ Sigrun Zwanzger, Welthaus Steiermark

For our international guest there will be the possibility for a translation into English!

Free entry!


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