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Stop the Eviction in Hambach Forest! Stop the Cutting Season

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Per Mail erreichte Termitinitus | des pfeifft folgendes Mail, Genre leiten wir an euch Hörer_innen die Informationen weiter:

At the moment, the Hambach Forest in Germany is under eviction threat.
The company, RWE, wants to continue cutting the forest to dig up the
brown coal underneath when the cutting season begins on October 1st.
Before that, they seem to want to evict the tree occupations. We've made
a radio callout in English and French to spread the word and share
information on current situation, history of the struggle, repression
situation, and the coming defense against evictions and tree cutting, as
well as lots of great music.. With a big resistance, we can stop the evictions. No more coal, leave it
in the ground!

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